2020/21 Geometry Update

The updated geometry makes the frames lighter and more ergonomic.

Frog bikes receive a new lightweight makeover! Two further models join the new & improved frame range, with the first launched in 2020, which have all been carefully designed to help maximise the lifetime of the bikes for a growing child and lightweight them for ease of handling.

Geometry changes and lightweighting improvements have been implemented to the bottom bracket, crank and pedals, whilst the bottom bracket has been lowered to provide a more ergonomic riding position. A longer steerer tube now provides an additional 10mm on top of the stem that can be raised to grow with the child.

Bike models with geometry update:
Frog 40 (2020)
Frog 44 (2020)
Frog 47 (2021)
Frog 53 (2021)